Education can be the catalyst to get out of poverty. Knowledge gives children self-esteem and the power to dream of a better future. We support organisations that implement high quality, effective education to children and also to adolescents in their way to a sustainable job.

Bondeko School Wakiso, Uganda

Bondeko School supports a small community North-West of Kampala, Uganda. Approximately 5.000 families live here. The entry in the community is the local primary school where two hundred children dream of a better future.

Their parents work hard to enable their children to go to school because they know that education opens new possibilities. They want a future for their children with enough food to eat, a decent income, a good health and the freedom to be responsible citizens.


We actively search for sponsors for a study grant to enable the best school leavers per year of the Bondeko-school for further studies in a combination of O-level and vocational training. For the selection we do not only look at hard school-results but also at things like their commitment, social skills, participation in skills workshops and school attendance. Their home situation too weightes heavily: they come from families where further studies would not be possible because of financial constraints.