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Flexible and long term programs

Stimulating economic development needs a Long Term approach and a flexibel mindset. Most of the regions we are aiming at have suffered from severe insurgencies that resulted in societies where the social fabric is totally gone. And as you can not let the economy kickstart withour mutual trust within society, we have a Long Term perspective, always adjusting to rapidly changing environments

Our own social entreprise MWH-Uganda

We have established our own venture in Uganda through which we:

- support farmers and households to become foodsecure through a number of AgroSupport Centers where we advice and support farmers and households to enhance their homeproduction and to cultivate more nutricious food. Some of them we support in becoming real commercial farmers who want to start their own farm.

- have established a Farmer's resource Center.

- support organisations who dare to think out-of-the-box, be flexible in adjusting to rapidly changing environments and think Long Term.

 Agro Service Centers

In Pader District we focus on farmers and households who are still recovering from a long internal conflict.
The majority of the population is not entrepreneur, but just normal household. We do not leave them behind: we established a couple of branches in relevant markets and villages where we provide smallholder farmers and households with good quality inputs and advice to enable them to become foodsecure.

Farmer resource Center

Purpose of this FRC is to be a farmers’ resource centre where smallholders and others can learn. In order to achieve this the FRC must be a place of learning with well chosen and maintained demo fields, hospitable in receiving, guiding and training visitors, relevant documentation and attract visitors.

Other flexible programs on economic development

Masindi Farmers

Farmers in Masindi lived in a relatively stable environment and are more organised. We have committed ourselves to help them unite in a representative organisation by financing them in this process and advice them how to do.

The aim is to let farmers take their position in the markets of relevant crops to grow for their benefit. To enable this, a strong Farmer's Organisation must be in place. If they present an applicable businesscase we will look into possibilties to provide them with the (working-)capital they need.