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Health Science is developing very rapidly. Still a great number of people are suffering from serious illness and diseases. We support scientific research and look for promising start-ups to invest in.

Recently MWH4impact entered a new area. Where the industry of research and marketing of new medicine is dominated by a few large players, we are investigating the need for innovative funding, although we know of course that we are only a small player in the field.
However, surprisingly, in contact with Radboud UMC, Nijmegen, Netherlands, it appeared that researchers are keen to go into a cooperation with an independent player as MWH4impact.

This resulted in funding of a 4-year programme.
Research on cancer and cancer-therapy is rapidly evolving. MWH has gone into a partnership with the Department of Laboratory Medicine by funding specialized staff to enable the "market-readiness" of a promising and proven concept of Natural Killer-therapy.