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fighting poverty

In our view, fighting poverty is most effectively done by enabling people to overcome poverty themselves. Getting self-stustained through economic development.

We prefer to invest in the true economic sense: providing capital that has to be paid back, be it with low interest. But, because the very poor lack the elementary means to take the first step, we also implement innovative programs of economic development ourselves and support others with grants.

Flexible and long term support

Through our social entreprise in Uganda we support farmers and households to become foodsecure through a number of AgroSupport Centers where we advice and support farmers and households to enhance their homeproduction and to cultivate more nutricious food. Some of them we support in becoming real commercial farmers who want to start their own farm.

Second: we support other organisations who dare to think out-of-the-box and be flexible in adjusting to rapidly changing environments and think long term.


In our view, increasing economic development is the best way to get out of instability. That's why we invest in SME's in the developing countries and in investment-funds that do the same.

Meanwhile, IT is an inseparable part of life. It should also provide tools for the development sector to monitor results and improve accountability. That's why we seek to invest in innovative applications for the developing world.


Fighting Poverty is a long way to go. Educating a child is investing in the eradication of poverty in the long run.